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Physicians – Golden Acres Home Health

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Golden Acres utilizes a secure software system to maintain all patient data, manage coordinated treatment protocols, ensure timely interventions and minimize errors. Our online physician portal also provides 24/7 access to your patient’s clinical information.

  • Any dramatic change in a patient’s health is detected and the physician is notified immediately.
  • Collaboratively developed, evidence-based clinical protocols guide an Golden Acres nurse or therapist through patient assessment and care plan development.
  • Patient data flows real-time through the secure Golden Acres network.
  • The patient’s care plan is approved by the physician and updated continually.

Our HIPAA-compliant system ensures comprehensive home health care transition management. In addition it:

  • Allows you to quickly sign orders and complete face-to-face addendums; enables your support staff access to review orders and complete face-to-face addendum signing; mid-level practitioners can recommend orders for physician to approve or decline
  • Enables management of orders for physician groups
  • Expedites billing to CMS with immediate identification of eligible claims for Medicare certification and recertification, plus corresponding billing code numbers
  • Guarantees complete medical record visibility and immediate access to the patient’s chart
  • Includes on-demand access to HCFA 485 care plans, visit notes and wound images/measurements to ensure compliance with state regulations for assisted living facilities
  • Provides a graphical tool to view patient’s current and historical episodes of care
  • Provides full transparency of patient care plans, visit notes, visit schedule, medications, services provided and outcomes